09 Ekim 2013

11 Ekim Avusturalya Veteriner Hemşire Günü Kutlu Olsun

Bugün Avusturalya Veteriner Hemşireliği Konseyinden tarafıma gelen e posta iletisine göre yarın 11 Ekim'de Avusturalya'da Veteriner Hemşireliği Günü olarak kutlanacak.

Tüm Veteriner Hemşire meslektaşlarımızın günü kutlu olsun :)

Happy Veterinary Nurses Day :)

This Friday 11th October, Australia will be celebrating its 7th annual Vet Nurses Day.

I have attached a media release and our flyer for this year, for your reference if you would like to include this in any of your publications or advertising.

I am also keen to hear if any other countries are doing something similar and what you organise for that day.

We encourage our nurses throughout Australia, to celebrate in a variety of ways. Some decorate their veterinary hospitals with balloons and posters. Some stop work and have a luncheon. At our Veterinary Hospital, we encourage all the staff to contribute to our ‘appreciation board’ where they write notes of thanks to nurses for the great work they do (see attached picture).

I hope you can join us in celebrating what a great job we all do, no matter which part of the world we live in!


Yvonne Markey
Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia
National President

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